Text analysis of Rahul Gandhi’s interview

So, Arnab Goswami’s interview of Rahul Gandhi concluded a while ago and now that the transcript is online, it’s time to do some text analysis (I will leave the meta analysis to political commentators/analysts):

Total word count: 12720
Rahul’s word count: 7595 (60%)
Arnab’s word count: 5125 (40%)

The most frequently used words by Rahul (after filtering out some commonly used words):
system (70)
people (66)
going (52)
party (50)
country (45)
want/wants/wanted (40)
thing/things (37)
congress (34)
power (32)
rti (32)
political (31)
think/thinks/thinking (29)
one (28)
issue (26)
riots (25)

2 word phrase frequency:
i am or i’m (70)
in the (57)
going to (44)
the system (43)
this country (39)
we have (38)
i have (33)
of the (32)
to do (29)

3 word frequency:
the congress party (23)
in this country (22)
i want to (18)
we have to (13)

4 word frequency:
we are going to (9)
are we going to (8)
in the congress party (8)

Rahul’s word cloud

Arnab’s word cloud

Note: Word clouds created using Wordle and text analysis conducted using Textalyser and ATLAS.ti. The list of English stopwords was taken from Ranks.nl. To download the data in the spreadsheet, click here. (Please click on ‘file > ‘download as’ to save a copy of the file on your computer)

PS: In case you are wondering, Rahul Gandhi referred to himself in third person 7 times; he didn’t refer to his opponents by their names (Akhilesh or Arvind Kejriwal had 0 references, but Modi had 3); and oh, the word empower or a version of it like empowering/empowered/empowerment had 23 occurrences.