NCERT’s Manual on Statistics and Indicators of School Education

In 2006, NCERT developed a manual to provide an overview of the various educational indicators that are used in the country. The manual is superb and makes for a great read, if you are lucky enough to find it. When you try to access the manual (through the regular way via their website here) you will only be able to view the cover page and content. [This is actually still nice of NCERT’s web/technical team – at least it wasn’t a broken link!].

But – this is exactly why we have The Open Data. [You can download the complete report from here]. The manual is divided into four main chapters: (1) introduction (2) how educational data is collected and analysed (3) concepts and definitions of frequently used terms (4) the main indicators and how they are calculated. Like I said, the report is great and there are two annexures that researchers may find particularly useful. One is a neat summary of the various sources of data and the other is a state-wise classification of the different education patterns (I remember always getting mixed up between which states classify primary schooling as class I-IV and which refer to it as class I-V. Table 2 clears up the confusion)

Table 1: Methodology of Data Collection Adopted by Major Organisations in India

Source: NCERT MSISE, Annexure – I

Table 2: State/UT-wise Educational Patterns in India

Source: NCERT MSISE, Annexure – III 

Are you wondering how I found a work around and downloaded the report? Juggad. I googled the name of each chapter along with the name of the report and NCERT, then downloaded the individual chapters and merged all the PDFs into one file! This is a handy trick pretty useful when dealing with sarkari websites.