Number of Indian Districts, 1991-2011

You would think that it is easy to recreate a panel of Indian districts. Sigh, no. There are various complications that arise due to creation of new districts, boundary changes etc. For a neat summary, see Kumar and Somanathan’s 2009 paper in Economic and Political Weekly. (A ungated version of the working paper can be found here. The details are gory, but the tables in the working paper do an excellent job of summarizing the changes.)

I will post the list of districts once I have compiled them all. In the meanwhile, I can share a table that provides the count of districts in each state/union territory in India since 1991, acc. to the census.

Note: if you look at Wikipedia, you will find some discrepancies. For instance, Uttar Pradesh is said to have 75 districts, instead of 70 as recorded by the Census. I am sticking with the latter, but the odd thing is that Wikipedia actually has a link to the UP government website that actually lists all 75 districts. Funny, but true!

Click here to open spreadsheet in separate tab. (To download this data, click on this link and then go to “file” and “save as”)