Results from Census 2011 Household Listing

The results from the houselisting exercise that was conducted as part of the 2011 census have been online for a while now. Most of us know that India’s population is over a billion (1.2 billion to be precise) but some lesser known facts are that the population lives in 244.6 million houses,┬áspread across 0.6 million villages and 7933 towns.

The listing exercise also has collects data on possession of some household assets for communication and transportation. The top 3 modes of communication were: mobile/telephone (63%), television (47%) and radio/transistor (20%), while the top 3 modes of transportation are: bicycle (45%), scooter/moped/motorcycle (21%) and car/jeep/van (5%).

However, the most interesting data point was that 18% of the households do not possess any of the assets i.e. no mobile/telephone, no TV, no radio, no computer, no bicycle nor any vehicle.

The following spreadsheet summarizes the distribution of various household assets:

Click here to view the spreadsheet in a new window/tab.