Join the team!

TheOpenData is an online data sharing initiative and is incomplete without your support. If you have a data-driven analysis of an issue (doesn’t matter if it is quantitative or qualitative data) or if you have complied an unique data set (it could simply be trend of unemployment in India since independence or content analysis of FGDs conducted with children living in slums etc.) or if just want to share interesting information that you frequently come across in the form of government/NGO reports or academic papers, then we would love to hear from you. All you have to do is just upload the file(s), with a very brief write up (you can write a longer post, if you like) and send us the links to: admin [at] theopendata [dot] com. We will feature your post as a guest blogger (along with your name, of course!), subject to the editor’s approval. If you wish to join the team as an author/contributor, you will have to be regular with your posts (you decide the frequency of your posts: it can be range from daily to monthly). Feel free to write to us in case of any questions or clarifications.

Some guidelines:

– Ensure that the document is available in the public domain and you are not conducting any copyright violation

– Upload the PDF to google docs and make the document as ‘public sharing’

– Make sure you unlock the PDF file (try pdfunlock or another software/programme)

– If possible, convert the important tables into google spreadsheet format and make it available as ‘public sharing’

– We prefer to use google docs and google URL shortener and in order to maintain consistency, it would be nice if you did too. However, we do understand that these may have limitations and you may use your own preferred software/program (as long as it is easy to work with, converts to popular formats and not too obscure).