Slanted Reporting on Naxalism

Here’s Supriya Sharma reporting on the bias in news:

“In a study of more than 500 stories published in four newspapers in the year 2011, I found nearly half were simply accounts of violent events. An analysis of sources showed that 62 percent of the stories were based on information supplied by security personnel and government spokespersons. Only 5 percent of the stories quoted the Maoists. And just 5 percent gave voice to the villagers.” Source: Caravan

The study she refers to is called “Guns and Protests”, which she¬†undertook at Reuters Institute. The main finding that jumps out is that even in a left-leaning newspaper like The Hindu there is little space given to voices of villagers who are in the midst of this conflict. The key table is:

(The percentage figures are slightly different because I think there might be some typos in her table — I recalculate the percentages based on her raw numbers.)

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