More analysis of UP 2012 assembly election

Rahul Verma writes:

1. There is nothing spectacular about SP’s victory or BSP’s loss in this election. Reason – There is hardly any difference between proportion/number of seats SP won or BSP lost because of close margin.

2. The BSP was in same situation in 2007 as SP is in 2012.

3. Looking at table 3 and 4 (read the other way) one finds that the BSP did not loose overwhelmingly to the  SP, i.e. when the BSP and SP were in direct contest. This analysis suggests that there is no support for the hypothesis that SP did spectacularly well when parties other than BSP were in direct contest with SP.

To view spreadsheet in new tab/download data, click here.

Note: In the absence of UP 2007 AC data, the hypothesis cannot be tested rigorously. Any volunteers out there who want to help make the 2007 data (available here) in an open format?